Lisa K. Stokes

Cowboy Contemporary

Stokes Seamlessly melds both traditional and contemporary motifs, retaining her sharp focus on the influences that inspire her work.

Boots and saddles, vintage cars and trucks and cleverly original takes on a pervasive cowgirl theme resonate in Stokes’ creations. They’re not photos—not paintings—but a curious and alluring combination of “layered” scans on hand-painted acrylic backgrounds, all assisted by computer technology. The end result elicits raves from clients who got just what they ordered, as did this customer who wrote her:

“The painting is so authentic. You can tell that you knew your subject and put in such honest details. There is nothing worse than to have an artist just paint without knowing the subject. “

Stokes owes a tip of her artistic Stetson hat to time spent as a runway model, photographer and graphic artist—all career iterations that formed her as an artist whose work is not always easy to describe, but for her fans, is easy to like.

You may have seen her work on display this October in New York City at Spectrum. If not, you will have another chance as she will be showing at various juried art exhibits around the country.

In 2017 at the Troy Center For The Arts in Troy Alabama, Lisa will be exhibiting her work in the upper gallery.  Please call for a price list and feel free to order directly from the show.